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Power Cords
Power Cords of a desktop computer connects to the power supply. The graphic depicts a typical power cord used with computers, monitors, printers, and other accessories. Offshore platforms and subsea production equipment, like as control pods, pilot control valves, and electric pumps, are powered by power lines. 

Conversion Plug
Conversion Plug can charge smart phones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, tablets, shavers, computers, and other devices. It is known as a universal adapter because it can accommodate three-prong plugs and plugs of various shapes into the two-slot outlet.
CCTV Camera plugs
CCTV Camera plugs are made up of eight insulated copper wires that are divided into four pairs. The BNC connection is a tiny rapid connect/disconnect RF connector that is commonly used for cable. DC voltage should be supplied to the motherboard, adapters, and peripheral devices. 
Multi Plug & Travel plug
Multi Plug & Travel plug allows you to utilise any type of plug with your electronics and appliances. Its built-in surge protector protects your electronic devices from electrical short circuits and absorbs any minor voltage surges. It is a must-have for busy travellers who will be using various electronic devices. 

Data Cable & USB Cable
Data Cable & USB Cable is widely used in telecommunications and computer platforms to connect numerous sites throughout a network. It allows us to send and receive data from and from numerous home equipment. Because a data cable is multipurpose, it may also be used to charge devices.

VGA cables & HDMI cables
VGA cables & HDMI cables accomplishe them by serving as a bridge between the computer and the monitor or the computer and the television screen. Male and female connectors are available for the cable. They are built of high-quality materials and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Cable TV And Telephone Accessories
Cable TV And Telephone Accessories come in a variety of sizes and with varying performance and power handling capacities. They can be used to link audio and video devices, as well as LAN and television networks, in addition to functioning as a telecommunications connection. 
Solder Wire
Solder Wire has strong electrical characteristics and mechanical strength. This guarantees that electronic components are firmly connected to contact points. At varying high temperatures, heat-sensitive components begin to melt, break, or deform, hence solder is widely utilized in electronics. 
Crocodile Clip/Battery Clip
Crocodile Clip/Battery Clip is commonly formed of steel or copper and go by the names alligator clips, plier clips, and battery clamps. It is widely used in teaching to show the function of batteries, bulbs, or electronics. It is frequently used in garages and automobile repair.

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